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City Map of Los Angeles

Our premade map of the LA area

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Create a custom map of your city or neighborhood

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Mark Evacuation Routes & Rally Points

Stay ahead of the pack - plan your routes in and out of the city. Label rally points for where to meet family and friends.

Protect Your Home

Our users are labelling problem spots in their home defense, lines of sight, and gunfire lines. Inventory where intruders can enter and how you can escape.

Make a Plan

Will you stick around for the quarantine? Will you stick around for civil unrest? Whether you're bugging out or bugging in, make sure your plan will keep you and your family safe and get you to your destination.

The pandemic isn't the only emergency. Civil unrest because people can't afford to live is a bigger one.

People aren't getting paid, can't afford rent and basic expenses. The vast majority of this country lives paycheck to paycheck. Suddenly, many Americans don't have a paycheck. For some, that means being just days away from being homeless.

Regardless of your politics - this is happening and it's going to affect a lot of people. We're talking tens of millions.

Quarantines, travel restrictions, and curfews are being institued all around the world, the United States included. Goods and services are experiencing supply chain disruptions and shortages.

How are you going to survive the apocalypse if you don't know where to go?

We take GPS for granted. And perhaps you know your town fairly well, but what happens when your normal route is unavailable?

Never Astray maps were designed with emergency preparedness at their core. After buying every map we could for our own kits, we realized that there was something left desired. Maps are at the height of their technology yet little was available in printed form.

No signal.

The cell towers are down or over-capacity, but you still need to make it to your destintaion.

Know where to head during a hurricane, earthquake, or wildfire. Mark custom evacuation routes and rally points for you and yours. Our maps are writeable with ink or pencil - we recommend using colors.

Maps aren't merely a navigation tool.

They are a goldmine of information. You can identify and mark points of interest such as small water sources or take notes on areas good for foraging, fishing, and hunting. You can plot where you placed your caches. Figure out where a fire is coming from or where a horde is heading to.

These days, we take for granted our ability to get things like high quality satellite imagery from maps. In older times, this sort of information was priceless and men died trying to obtain it.

You spent how much on food storage and ammo?

10s of millions of Americans spend $100s or $1000s on guns, food storage, and ammunition, but don't have the basics of navigation covered.

Put yourself far ahead of the curve with a map. We use them almost daily in our normal lives - you'll use them even more when the grid goes down.


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City Maps

Detailed with dense street labels, 3D terrain, and high quality satellite imagery. All maps are printed at 300DPI.