Suburbia Fared Best During Collapse

By Jesse Allen | 15 February 2020

Where is it best to be during a collapse scenario? The city? Deep in the woods? A Green Beret says that the people in the suburbs did better than the rest.

City Prepping interviewed Special Forces Green Beret, Jeff Kirkham, who talks about being embedded in areas where people are living in a long term grid down collapse scenario. Some highlights:

  • People living in suburbia fared best. Cities get shelled rather than invaded, everyone on rural farms got run over by tanks and taken out by vandals. Suburbs provide the most straightforward blueprint for mutual defense.
  • Special Forces has a unique perspective on collapse and community because they get trained not just for combat but to embed themselves in an area while they train the local fighters and build rapport within communities. One example given was that their medical guy does everything from treating gunshot wounds to pulling teeth and delivering babies.
  • Building community is about finding common ground and working from there. “The lone wolf is a complete and total myth”. “A pastor is worth his weight in gold during the apocalypse”.

Posted (by me) originally to Reddit. Check it out here for comments.

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