Our Story

On everyone’s bug out bag list you’ll find “local maps” listed as something you should carry. And the utility of such a thing is obvious - if you can’t find your way during an emergency then it doesn’t matter how much food or ammo or fire making tools you have.

In my never-ending pursuit of fulfilling the emergency preparedness basics, I searched high and low for a decent local map - to no avail. Some were waterproof, but didn’t have enough local data. The ones that had enough local info were the size of books. Some people said to print off Google maps and well, if you’re reading this then you were already probably looking for something better.

I wanted a great map, so I made some myself. I posted about it on Reddit and a few people wanted them, so I decided to make them for everyone who wanted one. I believe that a prepared world makes us all safer, collectively. I hope that my contribution can make a difference.

- Jesse Allen, Founder, Never Astray